ILS Medical Position Statements

ILS Medical Position Statements (MPS) are expert advice internal to ILS but having external impact. A number of medical position statements (MPS 1, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 19, 20) have been translated into Spanish.

MPS 01: The Use of Abdominal Thrusts in Drowning

MPS 02: Sun Dangers for Lifeguards

MPS 03: Communicable Diseases

MPS 04: AED Use in Drowning Resuscitation

MPS 05: Marine Envenomation

MPS 06: Medical Help

MPS 07: Medical Priorities in Lifesaving

MPS 08: In Water Resuscitation

MPS 09: Supplemental Oxygen Use by Lifeguards

MPS 10: Positioning of a Victim on a Sloping Beach

MPS 11: Critical CPR Skills for Lifeguards

MPS 12: Cold Water Immersion

MPS 13: Aquatics Disasters (In Development)

MPS 14: Ethics in Research

MPS 15: Compression-Only CPR and Drowning

MPS 16: Shallow Water Blackout

MPS 17: Seizures and Epilepsy

MPS 18: Eating Before Swimming

MPS 19: Drowning Chain of Survival

MPS 20: Ability to Perform CPR Post Rescue

MPS 21: Spinal Injury Management

MPS 22: Research Needs for Drowning

MPS 23: Resuscitation in Low Resource Settings

MPS 25: Solo Rescuer CPR

MPS 26: Resuscitation Onboard Rescue Boats

Joint Position Statements Regarding COVID-19

This position statement and associated CPR Guidelines are presented on behalf of the International Drowning Researchers’ Alliance (IDRA), International Life Saving Federation – Medical Committee (ILS-MC) and International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF).

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