Dr. Ian Mackie Medical Fellowship

Dr. Ian Mackie, MD was a world renowned water safety expert.

Dr. Ian Mackie Fellowship
Dr. Ian Mackie, MD

He served as a member of the Australian Resuscitation Council for 14 years representing both Surf Life Saving Australia and the Royal Life Saving Society. He was the National Medical Advisor to Royal Life Saving Society Australia from 1982 until his death in 2002 and of Surf Life Saving Australia from 1976 to 1996.

Dr. Mackie was the first chair of the ILS Medical Committee and published scholarly lifesaving materials for over four decades. He received many awards for his contribution and was well known for his welcoming and inclusive manner.

ILS established a Medical Fellowship in honour of Dr. Ian Mackie, MD in order to continue his contribution to the international lifesaving community.

The Fellowship provides young lifesavers and lifeguards with a link to the ILS Medical Committee continuing Dr. Mackie’s belief in the importance of the link between medical issues and their practical application by lifesavers and lifeguards.

The Fellowship allows an active lifesaver or lifeguard to travel to and participate in Medical Committee meetings in order to foster input and dissemination of Medical Committee matters at the critical working lifesaver/lifeguard level.



Dr. Romy Lipszyc

Recipient for 2027/2024 is Dr. Romy Lipszyc MD (Australia). Dr. Lipszyc combines her medical profession with her passion for lifesaving and science communication, and her research goals. She joined a Point Leo Surf Life Saving Club as a nipper and has been a passionate member since. Concurrent involvement in both medicine and lifesaving has enriched her experience in both and she looks forward to combining her passions for lifesaving, healthcare and science communication with the ILS.


Dr. Cody Dunne

Recipient for 2020/2023 is Dr. Cody Dunne MD (Canada). Dr. Dunne has been a long standing active lifesaver, lifesaver and CPR instructor and Lifesaving program leader. He has completed Medical School and is now a resident physician on route to becoming a specialist Emergency Physician. During his medical school training he continued effective and valued contributions to lifesaving education and drowning prevention at the community, provincial, national and international levels.

Dr. Matthew SILLS

Dr. Matthew SILLS
Dr. Matthew Sills

Recipient for 2016/2019 is Dr. Matthew SILLS (Ireland). Dr. Sills studied medicine in University College Cork, graduating in June 2014. He went on to begin his postgraduate training, and was on the National Training Programme for Emergency Medicine. Matthew holds a keen interest in matters relating to drowning, resuscitation, pre-hospital and critical care.


Dr. Robin Saggers, MD

Recipient for 2012/2015 is Dr. Robin SAGGERS, MD (South Africa). Dr. Saggers is a physician with an interest in both medicine and lifesaving and has been involved in lifesaving for 12 years in various areas and leadership positions.


Dr. Phil Dickinson
Dr. Phil Dickinson

Recipient for 2008/2011 is Dr. Phil DICKINSON. Dr. Dickinson has a background as a lifeguard, lifesaving competitor, lifesaving competition organiser, lifesaving club president, resuscitation instructor and is physician. He has an interest and training in critical care. He did his undergraduate medical education at the University of Nottingham, graduating in 2003.

Dr. Angela VERIC MD

Dr Angela Veric MD

Recipient for 2006/2007 was Dr Angela VERIC MD (New Zealand). Nominated by Surf Life Saving New Zealand, Dr. Veric is a surf lifeguard who has been heavily involved with both royal and surf life saving activities from a young age. She completed a tenure in the Surf Life Saving New Zealand Leadership Group and Surf Life Saving Australia’s National Leadership Camp, and is passionate about decision making at a national level, with input through a number of committees. Angela studied medicine at the University of Otago, New Zealand and is the first Dr. Ian Mackie Medical Fellowship recipient.

Selection Criteria

To be considered, applicants must:

  1. Be an active lifesaver or lifeguard in good standing.
  2. Be active in lifesaving, lifeguarding, competition, education, research, developing or managing activities relevant to lifesaving.
  3. Have a strong interest in medical/health care issues related to lifesaving as demonstrated through scholarly activity or educational achievement.
  4. Be able to participate in e-mail and telephone communication (preferably in English) to allow effective participation.
  5. Be under 30 years old at the start of the fellowship.
  6. Be nominated by an ILS member organisation.
  7. Submit two letters of reference from the nominating ILS member organisation.


  1. The Fellowship was initially granted for a period of two years but has been prolonged to 4 years upon recommendation of the Lifesaving Commissioner in October 2010.
  2. The Fellowship will entitle the recipient to participate in all e-mail, conference call and other deliberations of the Medical Committee. The Fellowship recipient will be entitled to raise issues and speak at Medical Committee meetings, but will be a non-voting participant.
  3. The Fellowship recipient is encouraged, facilitated and expected to be a lead author or co-author of an ILS Position Statement on an issue mutually agreed upon.
  4. The Fellowship will involve one international meeting every two yearsof the four year term to allow participation in ILS Medical Committee Meetings, World Conference on Drowning Prevention, Aquatic Medical/Rescue Conferences and/or participation in a meeting, conference, self-directed learning or activity helpful to the development of medical issues in lifesaving.
  5. All application materials must be submitted by email and all requested documents listed under Selection Criteria must be received for candidate consideration. It is preferred that all requested documents are sent as one file. A reply will be sent on receipt of application advising if the application is incomplete or complete.

Process (2028-2031 Application will open in 2027)

To ensure efficient administration, the following steps are followed quadrennial:

  • Announcement of Fellowship application deadline through member Organisations TBD
  • Reminder of application deadline TBD
  • Application deadline TBD
  • Decision made by Fellowship Selection Committee TBD