Dr. Mohamed Saleh










1. Bachelor of medicine and surgery, Zagazig University

2. Intensive Care Diploma, Munich University

3. Fellowhship of the Internationla Association for Researchers and Inventions, Kansas State America

4. Certificate of Specialty in Plastic Surgery, Munich University

5. Senior Consultant of Plastic Surgery and Hyperbaric Medicine

6. MD in Plastic Surgery


Selected Positions (Diving)


1. ILS Vice- president

2. President of ILS -Africa

3. Rescue Diver instructor level 2 (ILS)

4. International lifeguard instructor of instructor (ILS).

5. BOD member of African lifesaving Academy

6. Chairman of the Medical Committee-Vice-chairman of the Technical Committee and rescue committee (Egyptian Diving federation).

7. Counselor of the minister for Environmental Affairs for Diving medicine and underwater environmental protection.

8. Member of the Aquatic Crises and Disasters comminate (presidency of the council of ministers) under the chairmanship of Dr. Ibrahim Badran.

9. Advisor to the Ministry of Interior for Diving Medicine.

10. Consultant of general Administration of medical services – Ministry of Interior for Diving Medicine – Damietta.

11. Arrange Studies with the environmental protection center & Secure Diving Areas (Red Sea & South Sinai)

12. Technical Consultant for the technical Diving Association (TDI) Middle East.

13. Member of the board of directors (Egyptian Diving Federation & Rescue) 1996/2000 – the decision to appoint an expert from the Prime Minister.

14. President of the Medical Committee (The Arab Diving Federation).




1. Order of the Golden Cross of the Red Cross – Germany

2. Citation of Merit from ILS 4 times

3. Order of Merit on Physician syndicate (Year 2000 and 2004)

4. Order of international Tourism Authority (2002,2003,2005)

5. Knight order of lifesaving from (ILS) 2018


Selected Publications

18 Published Research at International Conferences Concerning Diving medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

4 Scientific Books – in German Language.