Dr. Cody Dunne







Lifesaving Society Canada (LSC)

International Drowning Researchers’ Alliance (IDRA)

Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Calgary



Cody is currently completing his Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada; following completion of his MD at Memorial University. Before pursuing medicine, Cody founded The Lifesaving Team, a corporation dedicated to providing high quality first aid and aquatic training. He has been involved with Lifesaving Society Canada (LSC) since completing his own lifeguard training as a youth.


Presently, Cody represents the LSC on the ILS Medical Committee where he was recipient of the Dr. Ian Mackie Fellowship, awarded to an active lifesaver/lifeguard early in their medical career. He is a member of LSC’s National Medical Advisory Committee and participates on several committees focused on drowning prevention, research, and resuscitation at the national and international level.


Research Profile