Dr Matthew Sill Medical Fellow 2016/2019

ILS established a Medical Fellowship in honour of Dr. Ian Mackie, MD in order to continue his contribution to the international lifesaving community.

The Fellowship provides young lifesavers and lifeguards with a link to the ILS Medical Committee continuing Dr. Mackie’s belief in the importance of the link between medical issues and their practical application by lifesavers and lifeguards.

There were a number of exceptional candidates and the selection committee had a very difficult selection decision to make. ILS is proud to announce the appointment of Irish Water Safety volunteer Dr Matthew Sills as the Dr Ian Mackie Fellow for the next four years.

Matthew is a member of Waterford Water Safety, and has competed and coached with Waterford Surf Lifesaving over the past ten years. Matthew studied medicine in University College Cork, graduating in June 2014. He went on to begin his postgraduate training, and is currently on the National Training Programme for Emergency Medicine. Matthew holds a keen interest in matters relating to drowning, resuscitation, pre-hospital and critical care.