First Dr. Ian Mackie Medical Fellowship awarded

The ILS Medical Committee takes great pleasure in announcing Angela Lawson from New Zealand, as the first ILS Dr. Ian Mackie Medical Fellowship recipient.

Angela was supported in her application by her National Lifesaving Organization, Surf Life Saving New Zealand. Angela has been an active leader within Surf Life Saving New Zealand. In addition Angela is a medical student at Otago University Medical School.

Angela was one of many highly qualified applicants from all over the world. The selection committee had a challenging job determining the most outstanding and appropriate recipient. Angela met all of the objectives of the program. She will be the first ILS Dr Ian Mackie Medical Fellowship recipient.

Dr. Ian Mackie would be very enthusiastic about this choice. Dr Ian Mackie was a world renowned water safety expert. He was the National Medical Advisor to Surf Life Saving Australia from 1976-1996 and was a member of the Australian Resuscitation Council for 14 years representing both Surf Life Saving Australia and the Royal Life Saving Society.

Dr Mackie was the first chair of the ILS Medical Commission. He published lifesaving scholarly materials for over 4 decades. He received many awards for his contribution and for his welcoming and inclusive manner. Dr Ian Mackie died in 2002 and the ILS Dr. Ian Mackie Medical Fellowship is part of our effort to continue his great work.

Angela will be the ILS Dr. Ian Mackie Medical Fellowship recipient for 2006 and 2007. She will participate in the discussions of the ILS Medical Committee. She will attend one meeting per year that is relevant to her interests and project work. Angela will be mentored by the entire ILS Medical Committee throughout her ILS Fellowship. She will be encouraged to be an effective medical advisor to her national lifesaving organization and to the International lifesaving community.